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trostel's dish

It had been awhile since we’d visited 'trostel’s dish' in Clive, so on a recent Saturday night, it was our destination. The place was bustling as usual, and with their policy of no reservations for groups less than 6, our wait was around 20 minutes. A nice glass of Merlot at the bar helped pass the time.

The ‘Small Plates’ menu at 'dish' has evolved into one of the more diverse in the DSM area. We were tempted with several flavorful choices of American, Asian, Latin and Mediterranean specialities. Along with their cracker crust pizzas, antipasto flights, dips and spreads, there truly is something for everyone. Prices for small plates range from $4 for the delicious Pommes Frites, to $14 for Beef & Shrooms (beef tenderloin and portebello mushrooms).

They also now offer ‘Big Plates’ - entrees featuring duck, beef, pork and pasta, plus a fish of the day reasonably priced in the $15 - $21 range. 
We decided to go with 5 small plates to share. With so many dishes to choose from, we had a hard time keeping it to 5, let me tell ‘ya. We started on the Mediterranean menu with Arancini, creamy risotto balls served with Arrabbiatta Dipping Sauce. This was my favorite taste of the night - so smooth and flavorful with the sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, not to mention the cheese. Truly a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. The sauce was a perfect match, a spicy marinara that played wonderfully off the risotto.

We also enjoyed the Grilled Shrimp from the Mediterranean menu. The shrimp were wrapped in a smoky bacon and served with a roasted red pepper coulis. We always have fresh from the ocean shrimp in Mexico and this plate was just as delicious.

Our next plate was Duck Quesadilla from the Latin menu. The menu describes this dish as Mole Braised Duck, Caramelized Onions and Chevre, topped with Avocado Sour Cream and Pico de Gallo. It was rich and full flavored, Grant really enjoyed this dish. I apologize that there is no photo, the low lighting got me on this one, it was too out of focus. But trust me, it was beautifully presented, as were all of our plates.

We moved on to the Chicks in a Blanket from the American menu. House-made chicken sausage wrapped in puff pastry and served with a grainy honey mustard, this dish is what little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls hope to grow up to be someday. A very satisfying meaty flavor, the accompanying mustard really set off this plate.

Our last dish was Grant’s favorite of the night - the Tuna Tataki from the Asian menu. Sesame crusted Ahi Tuna seared rare, served with sushi rice and a spicy black bean vinaigrette that was out of this world. The tuna was done to perfection, and had that full mouth feel of a rare steak. Seriously, that sauce was killer.

Since we’d already busted the diets, we decided to go all the way and ordered the Dessert Fondue for Two. Rich, creamy chocolate and raspberry puree were our dipping sauces for a variety of skewerable (is that a word?) treats. Marshmallows, apples, snickerdoodles, strawberries, graham crackers, what doesn’t taste great dunked in chocolate?

The wine list at 'trostel’s dish' is extensive, but did offer several interesting bottles that fit into our already blown budget. We thoroughly enjoyed our bottle of 2007 Cline Viognier for $31.

We’ve always had very attentive service at 'dish' and this night was no exception. Our server, Scotty, was quick with a suggestion or explanation of the menu and to clear our table of plates (which is a pet peeve of mine after 20 years of waiting tables). Top notch all the way.

With so many dishes left to try, we’re sure to be back at 'trostel’s dish' in the near future. It’s a wonderful little bit of tapas in DSM. Try it out and let us know if you agree!

trostel’s dish

12851 University Avenue
Suite 400
Clive, IA  50325




Monday - Friday
11am – 2pm


Monday – Thursday
4pm – 9:30pm

Friday – Saturday
4pm – 10:30pm

menus and more information at www.dishtrostels.com

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