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Buck's Bar & Grill - Mitchellville

**Since this post was written, Buck's Bar & Grill has closed.**

We've sort of made it our mission to travel the state of Iowa in search of the 'best' breaded tenderloins. I mean, why not?  One, the breaded tenderloin is one of the culinary world's most perfect foods (well, in my opinion anyway), and two, it usually involves a beer or two. Win-win all the way around.  

So, when the Iowa Pork Producers named Buck's Bar & Grill their 8th Annual Best Breaded Tenderloin winner, a little road trip to Mitchellville was oh so necessary. Located at 101 Second Street NW in Mitchellville, Buck's opened in 2007 and owner Buck Bos serves up the winning tenderloins 6 days a week.

Buck's actually serves a variety of pork entrees on the menu, along with burgers, lots of different sandwiches and salads, too. The daily specials include Rarebit Burgers, Hot Beef Plates, Pan Fried Chicken and more.

Buck's is a clean, friendly place with a big horseshoe bar and all of your favorites on tap. They even have music on some weekends - check his Facebook page for what's coming up.

But the star of the bar is of course, the breaded tenderloin. Buck buys the loin for his winning sandwiches from Fareway and he hammers them out and breads them by hand. Believe me, you can feel the love in every bite. Crispy cracker meal encrusts the juicy pork and they are fried to perfection.

We enjoyed chatting with Buck on a Saturday afternoon, comparing the horrors and joys of owning a small town restaurant, thickness and breading techniques for tenderloins, you know, all that fun stuff. He's a great guy and takes real pride in being chosen the Best Tenderloin in Iowa.

Here's a close-up for the real foodies.

Holy yum, wish I had one RIGHT. NOW.

When you find yourself yearning for the crispy goodness of a breaded tenderloin, take the short drive to Mitchellville and try the tenderloin at Buck's Bar & Grill. It's a real winner.

Buck's Bar & Grill

101 Second Street NW
Mitchellville, IA  50169


Hours and more information here.

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Reader Comments (2)

Went to Buck's on 12/1/2011 and it was locked up closed with "For Sale" signs posted out front. Skip this stop and go on to Prairie City to Goldie's. At least they're open.

Dec 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFlstoney

Flstoney, I think I did hear something about Buck's closing up shop. I will have to put a note on our original post so people will know that if they're heading in that direction. We've yet to visit Goldie's, but it's on our list!

Dec 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

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