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Mi Casita - Nevada

We recently took a little drive with some friends to Nevada. Our destination was Mi Casita, a Mexican restaurant our friends had found on their last trip through town. Located at 1115 6th Street, the main street through downtown Nevada, Mi Casita serves traditional Mexican fare like tacos and burritos, plus some specialty items like Mexican fettuccine, and most entrees are under $9. 

Of course, our first order of business was to try the margaritas - what? that's not YOUR first order of business?? The margaritas at Mi Casita were very good - the tequila was subtle but it was a good balance of booze and citrus.

Our chips and salsa arrived to the table in minutes. Nice, fresh chips, chunky salsa - they also have a hotter salsa available if you ask.

Our waiter, Uriel, was great. He was quick to answer questions about the menu, friendly and willing to chat. Here he is pointing out some of the excellent menu items to our friend, Greg (who may or may not be so happy to be on our food blog so shhhh, don't say anything). 

Grant ordered the carnitas. Big, crispy chunks of pork, they were served with warm tortillas and plenty of jalapenos. The refried beans were really good - creamy and flavorful.

I went with the flautas - one chicken, one shredded beef and one beef tips - all covered with cheese sauce. Not much to go wrong there - it was delicious.

And look! They carry my favorite soda - Jarritos - and in several flavors. Yum.

The owners have transformed this older building into a wonderful dining space. Cheery yellow walls along with touches of Mexico here and there make your meal a pleasant experience.

The owner, Francisco (that's him below), stopped by to be sure our meals were acceptable and to thank us for coming in. He was bustling from table to table so it was nice that he took the time to check on our rowdy little group. We let him know everything had been great and we would be visiting again soon.

So if you find yourself in Nevada, Iowa, and you've got a hankering for some Mexican, don't hesitate to stop in at Mi Casita. Enjoy a margarita and some excellent traditional Mexican food.

Mi Casita

1115 6th St.
Nevada, IA  50201



Monday - Thursday  11am - 10pm
Friday  11am - 11pm
Saturday  11am - 10pm
Sunday  11am - 9pm


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