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Friday Food Tour  4.27.12

Looks like a cooler and possibly wet weekend is in store. Sounds like a good time to hole up in a nice watering hole to watch the Cubs and have a few cold ones. But first, check out the news from around the central Iowa food world!

Slaking Fool visited Paradise Italian Grill recently and gives us this review on their "crock" pizza. Great, now I'm craving pizza for breakfast.

Lucca is one of those places that we've yet to try - but after reading this review from Distilled Opinion, looks like I better move it up the list.

Another fairly new restaurant, City Bakery, was in the spotlight for the latest Why Eat at a Chain Wednesday on Des Moines is Not Boring. Sounds like a great place for lunch.

If you happen to be in Cedar Rapids, sounds like The Starlite Room is the place to stop for a good breaded tenderloin. Des Loines was there recently and I think I'm ready for a road trip.

Well, May is fast approaching and you know what that means - Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby! And on the same day this year! So you have this week to practice making (and drinking) the perfect Mint Julep. If you need a volunteer, I'm free.

Go Cubs go.

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