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Friday Food Tour  4.06.12

It's Easter weekend, no doubt we'll all be enjoying a nice Easter dinner on Sunday. Grant has purchased a ginormous whole ham that will feed our whole gang plus any sports teams that may stop by. At least we'll have plenty of leftovers for scalloped potatoes and ham, hamloaf, hamballs, ham and cheese omelettes...well, you get the picture. On to the tour!

Des Moines is Not Boring visited Basil Prosperi for a recent Why Eat at a Chain Wednesday. Sounds like a "must try" kind of place if you work downtown.

Iowa Craft Beer is growing more popular every day (did you see the crowds at the Iowa Craft Beer tent at the fair?). Distilled Opinion put up this post on Peace Tree Brewing in Knoxville, one of the most widely available Iowa craft beers in the metro.

If you happen to be up in the Cedar Falls area this holiday weekend, might want to stop in at J's Homestyle Cooking. Des Loines was there and reviewed their tenderloin and it looks pretty darn good.

And speaking of the Cedar Falls area, if you went to UNI or grew up there, you will probably be pretty happy hear the news - The Other Place pizza is coming to Clive!

And finally, want to make your Easter dinner special? Then I suggest you bake up this Bunny Bread! Simple, yet brilliant, and no bunnies need be harmed. Except all of the chocolate ones - so sad for them.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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