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Friday Food Tour  5.04.12

It's finally here - the Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market opens tomorrow at 7am! With the early growing season for so many local farmers, we should see a great selection in several booths. Get there early, OK? And the I-Cubs are back in town, too. I think catching a game is definitely in our weekend plans. So what do we have for the Food Tour today...

I loved the idea of a 'restaurant walkabout' in this article from dsm magazine. Great ideas for East Village, Ingersoll and Beaverdale areas. Might have to give this a try.

Grant enjoys brewing beer at home and so, it seems, do a lot of other people in central Iowa. It's great to see so many people turning their home-brewed passion into a business. This article from dm juice spotlights some new craft breweries coming our way.

We've had some excellent food and wine at Sbrocco - Distilled Opinion visited the Court Avenue Restaurant and Wine Bar and had this write-up on the great wine and small plates.

If you're looking for a decadent treat to whip up this weekend, our friend Mike Miller sent this link to Grant with a recipe for Irish Car Bomb Brownies he made recently. Boozed up desserts? Yes, please.

And finally, just in case you get caught this weekend with an unopened bottle of wine and no corkscrew, here's How to Open a Bottle of Wine with your Shoe. Seriously? At least this guy has an outrageous French accent.

Have a fun weekend.

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