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Fat Randi's - Van Meter

I hadn't had a decent breaded tenderloin in quite awhile, so I had a powerful hankering for a good one. We'd stopped in at Fat Randi's in Van Meter a couple of years ago, and remembered they had a good tenderloin. So we hopped in the car and made the short drive from the metro - Van Meter is just 10 or so minutes from West Des Moines - Fat Randi's is located at 415 Grant St, on the main street in town.

Fat Randi's is a great little small town bar, and it was pretty busy when we got there around noon. Seems to be the spot for locals to hang out and enjoy the good food and cold beer. There's a nice sized bar with a flat screen to watch your favorite team...

...plus several tables for seating. Also, the requisite pool table and some ticket machines.

We ordered up a cold draft beer and took a look at the menu, even though I already knew what I was ordering! The menu is typical bar & grill food - several fried appetizers, fresh ground beef burgers that looked pretty tasty, sandwiches, and pizza. The menu does say they have 'famous hand-breaded tenderloins,' though, so choose wisely. They were one of the Top 5 in the Iowa Pork Producers Best Breaded Tenderloin contest in 2007.

So guess what I ordered? Go ahead, take a guess. Hahahahahaha, silly people... I got the surprise! breaded tenderloin! And it was awesome. Thick and juicy, nice, light breading fried to a beautiful golden brown. The crispy fries were good too, but I didn't eat many of them because I was too excited to have a good tenderloin, finally.

And I was surprised to see Grant order the tenderloin, as well. He got the creamy and cool cole slaw as his side. Just look at those little crispy ridges on that beautiful pork.

I don't know where they get their pork loin, but it is so good - the tenderloins are really thick, but still juicy and flavorful. Seriously, this is a very good breaded tenderloin.

The bartender was our server, too, and even though it was bustling busy in there, she was cheerful and very attentive. And I've also heard that the owner, Randi, isn't even fat. Go figure.

Being such a short drive from Des Moines, Van Meter is hardly a road trip at all, but you definitely need to get yourselves over to Fat Randi's in Van Meter for a drive-worthy breaded tenderloin. Iowa Foodie approved!

Fat Randi's

415 Grant St
Van Meter, IA 50261


Check out their Facebook page here.

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