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Isla del Pacifico

On a rainy Sunday, we headed out with friends for lunch at Isla del Pacifico - located at 1434 Des Moines St, Suite 8, just west of the big Mexican grocery, La Tapatia. Isla del Pacifico specializes in seafood, lots of seafood, and since we love our little Mexican island in the Caribbean, this place sure hits the spot sometimes.

We arrived when Mexico had just lost in the World Cup, so there were a lot of unhappy futbol fans! There are several big tables, plus booths along the wall for seating.

We all ordered margaritas, which are very tasty - a bit tart, but I like that they aren't too sweet. Take your time perusing the menu because there are sooooo many items to choose from. They feature seafood of all kinds, from oysters on the halfshell, fresh seafood cocktails, tacos, ceviche, seafood soups, some sort of seafood boil that looks awesome packed in a molcajete, several seafood platters, and even whole fried fish, which I love to order down on Isla Mujeres.

Of course, we enjoyed some fresh chips and salsa. They have a delicious mild salsa (for me), plus a more spicy salsa (for everyone else!). What can I say, I'm from Minnesota.

They also bring you a little taste of their ceviche, which is a more finely chopped version than we're used to, but still very good and full of fresh ingredients.

Grant ordered the Vasito Loco, or 'Crazy Glass,' seafood cocktail for his lunch. This glass was stuffed full of seafood - shrimp, fish, scallops, octopus, lots of cilantro and onions, all mixed up in that lovely tomato juice. He was more than happy to share and everyone really enjoyed it!

I ordered the crab/shrimp tacos - tasty grilled shrimp and crab with peppers and onions, all covered in cheese and served with rice and beans. Stuffed into some fresh corn tortillas, this was an excellent lunch. The beans were especially creamy and very flavorful.

Our friend, Greg, ordered the fish tacos - they're served all bundled up in foil with this beautiful slaw just waiting to be slathered on the fish and topped with that tasty salsa.

Just look at all of those big chunks of grilled fish!

Like I said, it was Mexico in the World Cup, so the place was packed when we arrived - still, our lovely server, Mayra, was quick to wait on us, get us some drinks, and answer questions on the menu. We had fun talking with her, she was a very nice and patient server.

We're so happy to have a wonderful Mexican restaurant that specializes in seafood - we really miss those flavors from our trips to Mexico. Give it a try, and let us know what you have, so we can try it next time!

Isla del Pacifico

1434 Des Moines St, Ste 8
Des Moines, IA  50316


Check out the great food photos and more on their Facebook page.

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I would love to try some of these fish tacos. I have yet to find a place that has fish tacos that are as good as the ones I had in Mexico last summer. I think that I have been so obsessed with trying fish tacos, that I haven't even tried the other food at local Mexican restaurants. I will just have to wait until I return to Mexico to taste heaven again. http://www.theloadingzone.biz/tuesdaywednesdaybrthursdaynights/

Feb 17, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMike Lintro

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