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Mickey's Irish Pub - Waukee

On a recent wet and stormy spring day, we took refuge at Mickey's Irish Pub in Waukee. Mickey's is located five minutes west of 35/80 just off Hickman Road at 50 SE Laurel St, very convenient to the nearby bike trail. A nice comfy interior and friendly staff made it a great fit for us.

Grant started off with a beauty of a Bloody Mary.

Since drinking on an empty stomach is never the best choice for us, we decided to order some food to munch on while we waited out the rain. There's lots to choose from at Mickey's Irish Pub - great appetizers, burgers and sandwiches, pizza, salads, and more - plus lots of good beer on tap and all the selection of quality spirits you'd need.

Our nice bartender said they had a great breaded tenderloin, so of course, I had to try one. Served with a huge side of waffle fries, this tenderloin was very tasty - hot and crispy, very juicy on the inside and the choice of a ciabatta bun was spot on.

Grant went with one of his faves, a patty melt, with cole slaw. A good flavorful burger with lots of onions and cheese - he couldn't ask for anything more. We were both more than happy with our choices at Mickey's!

As the rain continued to pour, we had a couple of beers and stayed to watch part of the Cubs game on the flat screen. Mickey's also has an awesome patio that we obviously didn't get to enjoy as there were some umbrellas flying around out there courtesy of the aforementioned storm. But we hope to return soon and have another good meal out on the patio this summer.

So if you find yourself in Waukee, thunderstorm or not, you'll find good food and a fun atmosphere at Mickey's Irish Pub!