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Friday Food Tour  4.18.14

Easter Weekend coming up - what are you making for dinner? We had our Easter 'dinner' last Sunday, so I think we're just going to wing it this Sunday. But ham would be good. I love ham. Nice, salty, juicy ham. A big ham, so there's plenty of leftovers for Grilled Ham and Cheese, Scalloped Potatoes with Ham, Ham Balls, well, you get the picture. If you celebrate Easter, have a great day! On to the food tour...

Keeping with the pork theme (Ham & Cheese Omelettes would be good, too), Des Loines was at a metro favorite, Iowa Machine Shed, for his latest breaded tenderloin review. They do pork pretty well there, and taking a look at these photos, I'd say the tenderloin would be a good choice!

If you're searching for a new Mexican place to try, you might want to try Abelardo's - this review from Iowa Food Blog really shows off the great food there. The photos make me want to head there tonight.

While we're not big 'buffet' eaters, but after seeing this review from Cityview's Food Dude on Iowa's Biggest Buffet at China One, aren't you willing to give it a try? I am. So many choices!

Grant sure had fun judging the grilled cheese at Living History Farm's Grilled Cheese Fest - and he really didn't want to go out to dinner that night! Eat Play Love Des Moines already has a great post up on all the fun you missed if you didn't get to attend.

And finally, wedding season is coming right up - if you're looking for some fun gifts for the couple that enjoys a few drinks, have I got the gift guide for you! Check out 29 Clever Gifts for People Who Love to Drink from buzzfeed.com. There are several gifts I'm hoping someone gets me!

Happy Easter weekend!