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Friday Food Tour  7.18.14

We've been loving this cool weather! I know some people love the hot Iowa summers, but I grew up where it rarely got above 80 in mid-summer - so this has been marvelous. Too bad it won't stick around, but the Iowa State Fair will be here soon and it needs to be like a billion degrees for that, so... let's just head to the Friday Food Tour!

We really need to take the drive to Perry and check out Dave's Milwaukee Diner at the Hotel Pattee. Always hear such great things about it - like this post from the Datebook Diner.

Ames is another short drive from the metro, and you won't want to miss this pizza place. The Iowa Food Blog visited Vesuvius Wood-Fired Pizza and gives us this review.

And even more pizza! Road Tips was at one of our favorite places recently, the Wig and Pen in Ankeny. Check out the great photos and his review here.

I came across this fun blog the other day, Iowa Wine Talk. We have so much fun visiting Iowa wineries and it sounds like they do too! Here's a great post from a visit to Prairie Moon Winery in Ames.

Like I said, hot weather will soon be back, and you're going to need a tall, cool beverage to keep you happy, right? Well, don't forget your Cocktail Ice Cubes! Drinking in America gives us the scoop on 'enhanced' cocktail ice cubes. Very cool.

Enjoy the weekend!