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Friday Food Tour  8.29.14

So, here it comes... the unofficial 'end' of summer - Labor Day Weekend. It seems so early, like we didn't get nearly enough summer, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to a nice, long 3-day weekend with plenty of good food and fun. Hoping the same for all of you! Let's hit the food tour...

I thought this post on Des Moines is Not Boring was really fun. Check out My Top 5 Sandwiches in Des Moines. I may just be inspired to make my own list and well, maybe let Grant make one, too. Did any of your faves make the list?

There haven't been nearly as many write-ups on DSM Restaurant Week 2014 as I expected, but I was glad to see this post from Distilled Opinion on their recent visit to Le Jardin. After seeing these photos, we need to plan a dinner there soon.

We've celebrated some special occasions at Django in the past, it always seems like just the spot for that special dinner. Iowa Food Blog must know what I mean - check out their review here.

Grant's got even MORE tomatoes now than last week, so I was happy to see this recipe on Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats for a freezable Homemade Pizza Sauce. Hopefully he'll take the hint and have us all set for making great pizzas all winter!

This post on Drinking in America was very intriguing to me - Do Nothing, Get a Free Beer. You have to 'do nothing' for 3 minutes before you are rewarded with a free cold beer. I have a feeling this would not go over as well in the US as it does elsewhere in the world, but it's a neat concept.

Enjoy your long weekend and be sure to tip those bartenders and servers that are working over the Labor Day holiday!