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Friday Food Tour  10.24.14

Whew! I've almost recovered from my birthday celebration on Tuesday - too much 'celebration' takes too long to get over these days. Don't ask how I know this. Anyhoo, I'm about ready to continue the birthday 'week' celebration (I like to keep the fun going) right into this weekend! And looks to be a beautiful one - so we'd better get the Friday Food Tour in before the champagne starts flowing...

We're big fans of everything about Flying Mango, so loved to see this food porn post from Juice about their most awesome ribs. I order the ribs almost every time we eat there, which is sad, because they have so many great things on the menu!

Being a lazy person that just wants someone else to make the drink I'm paying for, I rarely seek out build-your-own Bloody Mary bars - but looking at the photos and fun The Dish on Des Moines had in this post, maybe some re-thinking is in order! And you can win a $100 gift card if you build one and post a photo before October 27. 

Unfortunately, we missed the World Food Festival this year, but I'm glad Slaking Fool was there with his camera and appetite! Lots of great food photos and a nice description of what was available - we'll have to get there for sure next year. 

Ever had a goat taco? We have, it's delicious. Goat meat is so rich and flavorful - and it looks like there is another spot here in the metro to get your fix. Cory Eats gives us this review on Petey's Goat Barbacoa Tacos from Tacopocalypse.

A couple of weeks ago I featured some crazy drinking-related Halloween costumes you could buy online. Well, if you're low on funds or just want to spend your money on beer, now you can create your own costume from those beer cartons you would just throw away anyway! Drinking in America presents Costumes Cheaper Than Your Taste in Alcohol!

For all the October birthday kids out there, Happy Birthday! And have a great birthday week.