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Peru Bar & Grill - Peru

As a big breaded tenderloin fan, I am a faithful reader of the great blog, Des Loines. When he says the place is worth the drive, I'm on it. And that's how we found ourselves in Peru, IA, at the Peru Bar & Grill. Located on 113 Brown St., "Old" Peru and East Peru are together just known as Peru (pronouced 'pee-roo,' if you're interested). Peru is about a 50 minute drive from Des Moines in rural Madison County, not far from Winterset.

It's definitely not a fancy place ( just the kind I like!), but there's plenty of room at the bar and the big tables. Annette is the owner, head cook, and bartender, and also the waitress and dishwasher. In other words, it's a one woman show and she does close down at times to take a break. It's best to call before you head out to be sure they are open.

The menu is typical bar food - pizza, burgers, fried stuff. But none of that really mattered to us - we were there for the hand-breaded tenderloins!

I ordered up a very reasonably priced Miller Lite and waited for Annette to work her magic. Grant had a nice, fresh, salad to start.

When our tenderloins arrived, I couldn't believe the size! Because they are hand-breaded and -tenderized, the thickness will vary, but these tenderloins were honest to goodness monsters. The pork was juicy and flavorful, the breading was so crispy and crunchy. They kind of curled up to make a little cup to hold your fixins' and condiments. These breaded tenderloins are truly some of the best we've ever had - even when we had our own restaurant!

We would have never found this place on our own, so thanks, Des Loines! We will for sure visit Annette at the Peru Bar & Grill again, and we're hoping to bring some friends along. So when that craving for a great breaded tenderloin hits, hop in the car and head to Peru, IA. Tell Annette the Iowa Foodies say hi!

Peru Bar & Grill

113 Brown St.
Peru, IA 50222


Closed Sundays and Mondays - call to be sure they are open!

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