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Friday Food Tour  10.17.14

Sounds like it will be a lovely weekend in central Iowa, what will you do? I know most of the haunted houses are in full swing, so if you're in to that sort of thing, which I am not, head on out. I scare myself most days, so I don't need any help. Maybe you can get your jack-o-lanterns carved! Anyhoo, let's see what we have for the food tour...

Nice to see another nice review on Michael's Pizza in Des Moines, this time from the Iowa Food Blog. We still have yet to get there, but after seeing these photos, it shouldn't be long! And wow, potato skins and pizza at the same place - awesome.

I knew I could count on Eat Play Love Des Moines to be one of the first to check out the newest Jethro's! Here's her post on the Bacon Bacon branch of the local favorite.

Grant loves chocolate, so this post from Slaking Fool on Chocolaterie Stam and Beaverdale Confections should tantalize his tastebuds. Everything looks so decadent. 

Remember, October is National Pork Month, and really, what is more tasty than a breaded pork tenderloin. Not much, if you take a peek at this post from Des Loines on Nick's Tenderloins! Mmmm, porky goodness for sure.

And finally, I seem to be stuck on pumpkin cocktails lately, they just look so good! Here's another one I found on Drinking in America - it's a Spiced Pumpkin Punch made with bourbon, which I rarely drink, but I think I might try this one! 

Hope you have a marvelous weekend.