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Friday Food Tour  8.08.14

Finally time for the Iowa State Fair! I really enjoy the fair... not sure if it's the fair itself, or the fact that our kids and their kids and my sister and brother-in-law all get together the first Saturday of the fair to spend the day wandering around. I suppose a little of both, because that freshly fried corn dog and ice cold Bud for breakfast really has it's own charm. Can't wait! So let's get this Friday Food Tour going....

I'm also excited for this - the Iowan Craft Beer Hall! Full Court Press is well known around the metro for their fun bars and restaurants, and this will certainly be a wonderful place to hang out when it opens. Check out the details in this article from DM Juice.

If you're getting bored with the regular old pizza combos, you'll want to read this post from Food, Des Moines, Awesome - he gives us the details on his Brat Pizza - really - and it looks delicious!

Everyone's trying to eat healthier these days, so this new restaurant in West Des Moines should be a big hit. 'Mixed' will open later this month, but here's a bit of info on what you can expect from this 'healthier' food restaurant from KCCI.

Have you planned what fabulous Des Moines restaurant you're going to try during Restaurant Week 2014? I haven't decided yet, but it sounds like there are plenty of places and menus to choose from! DSM Magazine gives us a great preview of some of the best dishes.

It seems like this summer has just flown by, and I haven't had nearly enough drinks with friends on a patio somewhere. These great Summer Cocktails from Delish have convinced me that I just need to head out on my own patio and invite the peeps over. So refreshing!

See you at the Iowa State Fair!