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Friday Food Tour  8.15.14

Wow, Friday again already. That was a fast week. After three weeks of travel, company at the house, and big family gatherings, I'm ready for a boring weekend! Grant is heading off to judge BBQ on Sunday, so I think I'm planning a 'me' day... not that most days aren't about me already! LOL. Hope you have fun plans for YOUR weekend, but let's start with the Friday Food Tour...

We missed the Italian Heritage Festival this year, but had a great time with my Mom there last summer. Good to see that Eat Play Love Des Moines was there (but really, where DON'T they go?!) and gives us this review

Have you made your dining plans for Restaurant Week 2014? We haven't yet, but this post from The Dish on Des Moines is making it much easier for us! Check it out here. So many great options.

Grant loves to try new types of food and we've never really eaten much Indian food, so this review from the Des Moines Register's Datebook Diner makes Taj Mahal look pretty tempting. 

A couple of weeks ago Grant had so many green beans out of the garden - wish I'd seen this recipe then! Ally from Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats features Garden Skillet Green Beans and of course, there's bacon. Yum.

Creamsicles were one of my favorite treats when the ice cream truck rolled through our neighborhood - such a perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and orange popsicles. And now, over at Drinking in America some clever person has created 3 Delicious Creamsicle Cocktails - and I'm pretty sure I'll like these even more!

Cheers to the weekend!