The Waveland Cafe

I was thinking the other day how we are sooo bad at doing the breakfast thing here on Iowa Foodie. It's probably because Grant loves breakfast and eats it every day, and me - not so much. So I totally surprised him by suggesting we head out for an early breakfast at the Waveland Cafe. Located at 4708 University in Des Moines (with another location in Booneville), the Waveland Cafe is a Des Moines tradition, earning every 'Best Breakfast' type of award available for years. Just don't mix up the Waveland Cafe with the Waveland Coffee Shop next door - the coffee shop is a lovely dive of a tavern where we always watch the Cubs.


The cafe has the red awning...

Owned by David 'Stoney' Stone since 1992, the Waveland Cafe is one of those places that really makes me miss owning a restaurant. We served much the same style of food, and weekends were packed. So it goes at the Wavelend Cafe, too - weekends may require a bit of a wait.

It's not the fanciest place for breakfast in Des Moines, but if you're looking for all of your favorites, including GBD hash browns (golden, brown and delicious, of course), killer biscuits and gravy, huge omelettes, and all the rest, this is your place.

They also serve great lunches at the Waveland Cafe. Burgers, tenderloins, hot beef plates, and more - and if you're especially nice and tip well, they'll even pop over your to-go order to the Coffee Shop next door! So you don't miss any of the Cubs game, duh. I really like the patty melt.

Grant couldn't pass up a half order of biscuits and gravy, and he added a couple of over easy eggs. Great peppery gravy with big chunks of sausage here, nice flaky biscuits, eggs perfectly done.

I went for a two-egg omelette with ham, bacon, and onion, those wonderfully crispy-on-the-outside, creamy-on-the-inside hash browns, and whole wheat toast. Did I really say I don't like breakfast? Well, I really liked THIS one - everything was hot and delicious, and those hash browns really are the best in town. Thank goodness Grant helped me with my breakfast, it could hardly all fit on the plate.

Service here is fast and efficient - the girls are used to being busy and are always right there with a coffee cup refill. They can be a little sassy with the regulars, but dang, I used to be the same way at our restaurant. We didn't wait long for our food, the kitchen crew is just as seasoned as the waitresses.

And if you have room after the large portions you're served, they always have some yummy looking treats up by the register.

So there! Finally a breakfast post on Iowa Foodie. I'm glad we stopped in at the Waveland Cafe, for it truly is a Des Moines classic. And of course, we love to support locally owned restaurants. Good food, good people, and loyal customers - it all adds up to the atmosphere at the Waveland Cafe. Check it out for yourself and let us know what YOU order at the Waveland Cafe!

The Waveland Cafe

4708 University Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50311


Hours: 6am - 2pm