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Goodies from Chocolate Storybook

We've both been fans of Chocolate Storybook since we moved to the area back in 1999 - we even did a post on them back in February 2012 - so imagine our delight when we recently received a package from Chocolate Storybook! Seriously, complimentary chocolate has got to be one of the best perks of being a food blogger.

Chocolate Storybook is located at 1000 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines, plus they have a fabulous website for you to order many of their wonderful products online.

We received a lovely assortment of goodies from Chocolate Storybook including two types of their Cotton Candy, several chocolates, and one of their best signature products, Muddy Pigs! The Cotton Candy was so interesting, you wouldn't think the flavor would be so vivid, but it really is - the caramel apple flavor was a big hit with our granddaughters.

We were so happy to dig in to the chocolate! We sampled English Toffee, Milk Chocolate Caramels, a Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtle, Hot Cinnamon Sugar Bark, and Malted Milk Balls. Chocolate Storybook products are created with real ingredients - fresh cream, real butter, and 100% chocolate - so you can just imagine how good it all tastes. There is such a difference in chocolate made with the finest ingredients, it's so creamy and rich - the malted milk balls and milk chocolate caramels were my favorites, while Grant loooved the pecan turtle and the hot cinnamon sugar bark. We both enjoyed the english toffee, so many textures and flavors. It was all just delicious.

Have you heard of Chocolate Storybook's Muddy Pigs? Well, if not, you will definitely want to learn more! Just imagine the flavors of pure milk chocolate and crisp smokey bacon melded all together - salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy - yep, it's that good. This is a gourmet treat that would be a perfect gift for the bacon connoisseur on your list! And if you order online, the bacon is delivered with an ice pack to be sure it doesn't melt all over the place before arriving at its' destination. Pretty important if you're sending it somewhere warm for the holidays!

The packaging for the Muddy Pigs includes their signature bunny sticker.

Just look at these beautiful pieces of chocolaty bacon! No skimping on the chocolate here, these are dipped and drizzled with plenty of chocolate.

We really enjoyed everything in our package from Chocolate Storybook - but how can you go wrong with beautiful hand-made chocolate! Be sure to stop in at the store or take a peek at their website and order some goodies for yourself or have them shipped to a friend.We're already making our lists and I know we are going to be pretty popular with our friends and family!

Chocolate Storybook

1000 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines, IA  50265



Monday - Thursday  10am - 6pm
Friday - Saturday  10am - 5pm
Sunday  12pm - 4pm

More information and their catalog at www.chocolatestory.com.

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